Bamboo trees - Bamboo Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Plastic Free July

What a challenge! I cannot say that I completed Plastic Free July without discarding any disposable plastic, but I definitely have a new outlook on plastic and its usefulness. It seems like the universal use of plastic has arisen more out of habit and convenience, than any irreplaceable qualities of the material.

If we want to, we can replace plastic with much more sustainable materials. There are so many great alternatives and there are constantly new solutions coming out as people search for materials that decompose in less than 450 years.

The ubiquious prevalence of plastic seems to be more related to choices that never factored the environmental impact. Creating and using more disposable plastic is only possible if you have little regard for our seas and forests.

Global plastic consumption is set to grow but there is also a different wave rising. There are alternatives that take into account the generations that come after us.

Time for a new toothbrush and a different mentality

It’s exciting to find all these items that aren’t produced from crude oil. When my toothbrush is worn out, I’ll replace it with one made of bamboo. We used all of our cling film and we’ve been doing fine without it by re-using plastic bags from bread instead. When we no longer get bread wrapped in plastic, then I want to try Bees Wax Wraps.

My soap and shampoo comes not in liquid form, but as hard bars that can be , bought without plastic containers and packaging. I’m just beginning to discover all the ways we can do without plastic and it’s a great journey in increasing awareness and kindness. It’s just less drastic without plastic 🙂

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