Living with Climate Change

We exist in a world that is increasingly marked by climate change. Yet, we also often ignore or shy away from this reality, that everything will have to change profoundly.

It’s overwhelming to face climate change, it can look quite scary, but I also think there is a great potential if we face the challenge and take steps to make more our lives and communities more sustainable. As we give up our polluting, disconnected ways, I think we will also find that our lives can be simpler and more joyful.

Climate change ensures that our lives will change no matter what. We cannot pretend that it’s possible to continue as we have done, the planet is warming and that will change weather patterns and much more. Even if we tried to continue our lives undisturbed, it would be impossible as the world changed around us.

This is also the beauty, if we begin to realise and understand our relationship to the world, then we will gradually learn how we influence it and then we can change our ways, so we no longer damage the planet, but instead begin healing it.

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